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American Influence On Canada In The 1950's

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In the years prior to World war two Canada was still scene as a mere colony of Britain. The countries were alike in hundreds of ways, however it all changed after the allied victory during the war. Although Canada was still loyal to the queen, Canada’s great contribution to the war effort as well as with the American army created a strong bond between the neighbors. Within the years to follow America Influenced Canada economically, socially as well as consumer products. As a result Canada a nation of growing independence was heavily influenced by American culture through said reasons. The first point to prove American influence on Canada during the 1950s is the economic influence they had on us. After the events of world war two Canadian …show more content…
Canadians felt as though the American economy due to Bornarc Missiles pact and the FTA, Canada began to have their economy Americanized. Thus the government created the FIRA to prevent such event from taking place. Although the Canadian and American similarities meant influences to both governments. It was not the only influence the US had on Canada as a nation. The second point to prove the American influence on Canadian culture is through social means. The first proof that shows American influence on Canada through social means is the huge American pop culture. American pop culture weather through television, music or radios heavily influenced especially the youth of Canada. Iconic American television shows such as Lassi and Roy Rogers depicted American average lifestyles influencing the youth to act like Americans for generations to come. This was all due to the fact how American pop culture especially music and television heavily dominated channel lists. As during that time their were not many Canadian television shows so kids were forced to watch American. The second proof that proves how largely American influenced Canada

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