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American Literature 1

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American Literature I
Prof. Ignacio Magaloni Over the last 5 weeks, there have been many interesting readings assigned. We have experienced readings from Native Americans and European Americans that settled here in America. Through these readings we have learned how each culture communicated with each other and expressed their views. We have also learned many different customs that each culture practiced or believed in. Early European Americans expressed how they felt leaving England and then later becoming a new independent country. As I look back, both cultures did believe in a God or Great Spirit and each one worked in a different way. This is one concept that caught my attention the most, the Native Americans believed deeply in the Great Spirit. In week five, we read stories of the Pontiac and other Native American Tribes. As I read through the stories they all had one thing in common and that was the Great Spirit. The Native Americans relied heavily on the Great Spirit for guidance and worshipped him greatly. “Our Great Father, over the great waters, is angry with the white people, our enemies. He will send his brave warriors against them; he will send us rifles, and whatever else we want-he is our friend, and we are his children.” (449) When the white men were trying to overrun the native Americans it was the Great Spirit who gave them advice to rely on the ancestor’s techniques to overcome the white men. The European Americans on the other hand viewed their spirituality completely different. In the first readings in the beginning of the course, many settlers came to the America’s to practice their religion in which they believed in. Such practice of their particular religion was not allowed back in Europe and they were forced to deal with it even though they did not agree with the religion being forced upon them. In week 4, we also...

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