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American Literature Mid-Term 1. The speaker in William Carlos Williams steals her plums. 2. In “The Egg” the father collects deformed chickens. 3. The procedure the two woman are talking about in “The Waste Land” as the pub is closing is getting the one woman new teeth before her husband comes home. 4. George’s mother is glad that George was killed before he could kill anyone else and have to have their blood on his hands. 5. Robert Frost compares his neighbor to a pine tree in “Mending Wall” 6. Mrs. Waythorn’s first husband is drawn back into her life because of their sick daughter. 7. In “The Gilded Six Bits” Slemmons owns an ice cream parlor. 8. The woman in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” are talking about the speaker. 9. In “The River Merchants Wife” the paired butterflies are already yellow with august. 10. Because I could not stop for death--/He kindly stopped for me
Short Answer 1. In the “Gilded Six Bits” it is significant that the shopkeeper wanted to be like Joe for many reasons. One being that Joe was a colored man. In the time period the story takes place it is often considered a bad thing to be colored. The shopkeeper desires to be like Joe because colored people are laughing all the time and nothing worries them as far as the shopkeeper can see. This is ironic because normally it is the colored man that wants to be white but this time it was the white man wanting to be colored. 2. J 3. She is trying not to show her husband her true feelings about the war because she wants him to do something heroic. At the same time she is trying not to force her husband to go to war but let him decide for himself so he can make himself perfect. She also supposed the man who won her love would do something to win her love over. This relates to the romantic era because she is wanting him to become her knight in shining armor. She thinks it would be better than ever if he done it now instead of when they first got together. 4. Alice from the “Other Two” is a representation of modern woman because she has learned to move on from other relationships and start over. She also has learned to put up with her ex-husbands because of kids and business like many women today have to do. She hides her feelings and emotions and puts on a smile. Her ability to do this makes her a representation of the modern woman because many woman in her time did not divorce or have 3 different husbands. 5. J
Essay Questions 2. The Harlem Renaissance spanned the 1920’s into the mid 30’s. It was a literary, artistic, and intellectual movement that gave birth to a new view on the black American. Harlem became known as the spiritual coming of age because of this. It gave the black society a chance to express their feelings and opinions for the first time. This caused the awakening of many future black movements. In the Gilded Six Bits blacks are allowed many freedoms that came as a result of this. Joe is a free man and can do as he pleases but still not as much as a white man. He and his wife try to live a life as a white couple would and pursue the American dream. They have a house and at the end of the story a baby to come along with the family as well. They try to make ends meet and stay afloat just as any other American would. The gilded six bits reflects the Harlem Renaissance because of many things. Blacks are given the ability and are no longer scared to think their mind. They are able to pursue their own dreams. They are considered more like human beings than property. The Harlem Renaissance help make all these things possible for African Americans. 4. The gilded age was a time when America was changing and growing. Many cooperation’s began during this time and many people became extremely wealthy. At the same time there was no labor laws so wages were extremely low for those who weren’t rich and working conditions were very poor. The gilded age could be considered a darker time in American history. The age brought on new laws and reforms. The Civil Service Act was created to help end government corruption. The Interstate Commerce Act ended discrimination from railroads against small shippers and made it easier for small businesses. The Sherman Antitrust Act was also created to help stop business monopolies.

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