American Rangelands and Forests

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Water Resource Plan

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American Rangelands and Forests

Part 1

Choose either a rangeland or a forest of the United States and describe current federal management strategies. Explain federal efforts to manage these lands sustainably by completing the chart below.

| |Rangeland or Forest Location |Brief History of |
| | |Rangeland or |
| | |Forest |
|Research the effects that very dry |-What is the leading cause of fires? |Month 1–3 |
|conditions have on the National |-Assess those causes to develop an educational program. | |
|Forest. |-Meet with environmental researchers and facilitators to determine what| |
| |actions are required for long term success. | |
|Develop an educational program |- In combination with the aid of facilitators and environmental |Month 1–3 |
| |researchers develop a presentation that protects the National Forest | |
| |from most common causes of fires. | |
|Implement restrictions of burning, |-Based on the findings of the effects of the fires, select |Month 4 |
|campfires, and use of fire arms |restrictions, and prevention plans that best suit the causes, |…...