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American Sign Language Cultures

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Second language students of ASL must learn the distinction between the ability to communicate in a language and the ability to interpret between two languages and two cultures. (pg. 113)

Many foreign language teachers believe that it is important to spend several years abroad, not only to perfect their language skills, but also to get to know native users of the language. (pg.115)

Accuracy is not considered important unless errors interfere with communication. (pg.119)

When I read this, I didn’t think that you have to be aware culture. Second language students of ASL are necessary for them to communicate effectively. They must learn how to communicate in two or more languages through the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills enables them to understand, appreciate and interact with other languages and cultures. And also learning a second language makes students better learners. I think it’s interesting quote about different cultural perspectives.

I think that there are always some reasons that can lead to abandoning studying a language in English for me. Eventually, I never quitting English but I’m learning in ASL, SEE and PSE. I can communicate with hearing people in English easily. It’s unnecessary to try to learn my rough language. My English is not always perfectly. That’s my first language in ASL. Hearing people who learn from hearing people are not getting the full benefit of learning a language from a native Deaf signer.

Students make their mistakes. Students who answer questions and signs in class are working hard to show what they know or have understood and teachers spend a great deal of time correcting their students’...

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