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Frye’s article states that in some ways we are all oppressed and in others we are not oppressed at all. The opinion that I gather from her article is that oppression is purely subjective and open to interpretation. Men and women are held to different degrees of oppression and have different instances that force oppression. Men are raised to be tough and not cry and if this feeling is oppressed then the man seen weak by other men and insensitive to women. Women are expected to be nurturing and soft in nature so if they are not then they are not viewed as a lady. Gender role are instilled in children at a young age and essentially design oppression in young adults and children. We do not see children suffer from oppression because they are generally more concerned with their own feelings instead of worrying about what others think. If one does not conform to the standards of oppression then they are looked down upon and seen as an outcast.
People generally have a predisposed notion that people should be happy all the time and if not then they should keep their feelings to themselves. “On the other hand, anything but the sunniest countenance exposes us to being perceived as mean, bitter, angry, or dangerous.” This can greatly affect people’s first impressions, relationships and job opportunities. Society also contends that the people that do not have the sunniest disposition are more prone to violence and depression. A person that is shy and withdrawn can be perceived as an angry and unfriendly person to another person who does not know anything about him. Whereas people with an overly sunny disposition can come across as fake and having false intentions. One could argue that the interpretation of ones disposition has a lot to do with the disposition of the interpreter. If a person is angry and encounters a person whom is cheery then he may not see the cheery...

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