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Muhammad Aamir Faiz------------------------------------------------- London road, Thornton heath surrey Croydon, CR7 7PB -------------------------------------------------
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I am a hard worker, conscientious person with a dynamic personality. I am keen to pursue a career which offers me the opportunity to apply my knowledge & skills and am keen to undertake any training opportunities offered to me.I am energetic, and reliable, recognized for assuming additional responsibilities.


1. (March 2010 – Feb 2011) Worked as an Office Assistant in LIAQUAT NATIONAL HOSPITAL in finance department.
* Receiving the files and check the miscellaneous paper. * Enter the files in daily register. * Attached printout with the files. * Enter all data in software named billpro. * Dealing with the attendant and solve their issues. * Prepare complete bill and through to the cash department. 2. (Oct 2006 – March 2010) Worked as a Technical Machine Operator (PLC TOUCH SCREEN) in HILAL CONFECTIONARY PVT LIMITED. Responsibilities: * Operate the machine named Mondo mix. * Making a batch of cream. * Analyze the problems in cream. * Analyze the weird of cream. * Give the daily report about machine to supervisor. QUALIFICATION: * MBA from university of wales. (waiting for result) * PGD in management studies from St. Albans College London. * Bachelor of commerce 2nd Division from university of Karachi. * Intermediate from Karachi Board. * Matriculation from Karachi Board.


* Completed in 2008. * GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGNING * Completed in 2009. * M/S ELECTROMAN ACADEMY
PEACH TREE (Computerized Accounting) * Completed in 2009. * ADVANCE EXCEL QUICK BOOK TALLY * Completed in 2009.

* SN329418C


* Responsible and hardworking * A calm and caring nature with the ability to empathies with others * IT skills – familiar with Microsoft packages including Word * Excellent organizational Skills with the ability to priorities task * A good communicator, able to talk to people at all levels


* Fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi.


* Reference will be furnished if required.

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