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Society I think people control society because, people have the power to control society, I honestly think in my opinion this is a bad thing. People take advantage of controlling society these days, and its not a good thing. People are also losing respect for themselves, but people do have a lot of power to control society. People control society, for example Hitler controlled society. Hitler had the power to make laws and implement them the same day. The only reason why society was controlled by Hitler because the people agreed with Hitler. Hitler controlled society in a very bad way killing millions of Jews. So this why I don’t think society controls people, people have the power to control society. The government is the people, and the people make the laws. So I think we control society. We have the power to do a lot of things. People also take advantage of society and rules for example, people break the laws, they go against them there are a lot of killings and unnecessary things, that people do and some people get away with it. It doesn’t make it right at all but people get away with a lot now a days. Our generation is getting worse, and people are not caring in the world anymore. There’s not a lot of people who care about religion and have no morals. Teenagers now a days don’t respect their parents, they don’t follow their rules. They have a lot of disrespect for other people, because if you don’t respect for your parents how do you respect others. Teenagers are really rebellious and they really don’t care about anything, well at least some don’t.

All in all I feel that people control society. And I think this could be all so wrong because people are society and some people control other people. I think our generation is just getting worst and worst. People hardly ever go to church anymore you hardly ever see young people that go. I think with how everything is going on it could actually start a war. Some people are mentally ill, there’s a lot of drugs coming into the U.S and a lot of people are becoming addicted to drugs and they don’t even care if they hurt anyone. So I think people do control society.

Brandi Contreras
English. Mrs. Castillo
May 1, 2014
Period 1

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