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An 800 Ticket Sales, Concert for International Artiste(S

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An 800 Ticket Sales, Concert for International Artiste(s)


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An 800 Ticket Sales, Concert for International Artiste(s)


In this century concerts have widely become a money making venture. The entertainment industry is generating millions of dollars through the sales of tickets. This scenario has benefited all the players of the industry particularly artist who incurred incur losses through illegal downloading of their artistic work. The prospects of this industry remain high. According to past researches, money generated from concerts rose by $3.6 billion in a span of 14 years from 1995 to 2005 in the United States. Over the last six years, music and festivals concerts have recorded sales increase of 69% and admissions growth of 29%. This growth marked a slowdown in 2010 where unemployment among the youth and declining consumer confidence were to blame. As the size of the entertainment industry increases, so do the expectations of professional project management concerts. Project management in concerts has become an important skill as artists are seeking such professionals to reap from their live performances. The aim of this study is to show my understanding of project management course as taught in class. This project thus involves application of tools and modules for project management where I will be managing a concert for international artistes where by 800 ticket sales are scheduled for sale.

Project scope statement

The project scope statement is a written confirmation that outlines the deliverables of your project. In addition, the project scope statement enables both the customer of the project and the project team to come to a consensus concerning all terms contained in it before the project kick off. The project scope statement consists of several elements that make the project validated (Project…...

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