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An Act That Is Lowering Morale

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An Act that is Lowering Moral
The No Child Left behind Act (NCLB) was put into effect by George W. Bush in 2001. The purpose of this act is to improve education and allow for all children to have equal opportunity to advance in their careers post high school. Early in this transgression there are several negative consequences already. The creators incorporate too many regulations, which cause inefficiency and counter-productiveness. Improvement is based on standardized tests that cannot measure intelligence wholly. Treating children as if they learn at the same rate does not help all students use their critical thinking skills. The act aims to close the achievement gap and allows for “no child to be left behind”, but it is not simply a one size fits all ordeal. Everyone has different experiences of learning at their fullest potential. America is failing with this provision and it will greatly affect the future of the country.
Every state is directly involved with the make-up of the test; in which case some states make their exams significantly easier. The NCLB founders are advocates for transporting children who reach qualifying test exams to different schools with hopes of better teachers. Students that are better test takers get the opportunity to have free transportation to non-failing schools, but they are not supporting their local communities. Legislation is overbearing in their influence with this act and it affects the amount of resources spent on limited subjects and uncertain promises of better education. This act is underfunded and cannot accommodate to higher level education requirements. Does the country want their students to be well rounded or skilled in test taking? The real world calls for someone to be successful in all aspects in life. The NCLB states that all students must be at the proficient level in language arts and mathematics by 2014. It...

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