An Analysis of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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An Analysis of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

This analysis will strive to show that, this work by Benjamin Franklin was a unified

work even with the disjointed parts of it. The span of time in which it was written was

interrupted . Which meant that important aspects of his life was missing. Many

feel that this detracts from the effectiveness of the book, just as many feel it adds to the

overall theme. This is a work of memories put to paper, for this is Franklin’s life.

This analysis aims to show clearly, that this work is effective and relevant today as it

was when it was written.

Benjamin Franklin wrote his own epitaph when he was but twenty-two years old, he

often wondered what his legacy would be. He wrote that after his death his body would

be like, “Like The Cover of an Old Book / Its Contents torn Out” the “Contents will

Appear once More / In a New and More Elegant Edition, Revised and Corrected By

The Author”. (Benjamin and Deborah Franklin; 1790) Franklin was taking measure of his life,

by comparing his life to books and his body to the binding, To think that he is talking

about his Autobiography and not Heaven would be a logical assumption. He claims to be

recollecting his life because he can not relive it. He fully intended to leave the world a

work that was unified. Life itself had a say in this work in progress, and this proved to be

the disjointing factor to the unity of his Autobiography.

Franklin began this work in 1771 he died 1790 before it was finished. The main reason

He did not finish, is that he took two extended breaks one from 1771, to 1784, the other

was taken 1784, to 1789 , years were lost towards the completion of his work.

These were important years, during which he left no record, but recorded history of…...