An Analytical Research Report on the Demographic Comparison of Student Retention at Erau

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The goal of this research paper is to show the impact that demographic factors have on student retention at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach). Our school has tried its best to improve its retention numbers these past ten years by implementing diverse programs geared towards keeping students in school. These programs were built using data provided by the Institutional Research department (IR) on our campus; the IR wishes to see whether student variables can predict retention. This document analyses the data collected from the IR and recent research related to individual student demographic characteristics such as gender, nationality and majors.
I was born in San Francisco but raised in Senegal, a francophone West African country. I attended a French school and a bilingual one during my time there because my parents wanted me to be fluent and proficient in their languages (my mother’s first language is English and my dad’s is French). My background can only be beneficial into conducting such a research. I, for one, definitely understand the repercussions that demographics can have on a society or, in this case, a University.
Anyone that knows a little bit about our campus can give at least three facts about it: the ratio of boy to girl is pretty big (5 to 1); the two main colleges are the Aviation and Engineering ones(76% altogether); and there are lots of international students (16% of student body).
The retention rate at Embry-Riddle is 79%. The demographics of that number will be studied in this research.
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Antoine S. Ndiaye
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