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An Argumentative Research Paper on Research Topic: What Is Science?

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Dispelling Misconceptions; Physical and Natural Sciences are not superior over Social Sciences.


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Science in general is a great and highly developed human enterprise. Its intricacies are clearly not limited to the scientists alone, but it is essential for the entire human race. If we think of science as a space within the larger space of society then it is at the interfaces between these two spaces that human beings are involved with science. To see this interface clearly from the space of science is not the same as seeing it as a mere collection of facts that should be construed to be true and nothing but the truth. Science is beyond facts, ideals and thoughts. It is a process and a model that has undergone tests, been tried, reviewed and accepted as a true representation of the processes and occurrences in the natural world
However, due to the broad nature of science, and the work, time and resources involved in pursuit of knowledge in different science fields which entails different interests, and thereby different values too; and the different possibilities of knowledge about different subjects, has lead to a myopic misconception by the science practitioners that Physical and Natural applied sciences are more superior and of more importance than social sciences. These differences among practitioners of the various science disciplines are pervasive and aptly cultural ones, since scientific work requires transcending unconscious...

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