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An Effective Training Evaluation Plan

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An Effective Training Evaluation Plan Tasha R Evans M3: Assignment 2 Argosy University

Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to provide information as to why our training department is an essential component to our company, Davenport & Associates, Inc. with the need to cut company cost. This report has considered ways to improve the skill and performance of each employee, due to the advancement of technology.
Davenport & Associates, Inc. is a private nursing staffing agency specializing in matching and placing qualified nurses with the best employers. Davenport & Associates, Inc. is a highly respectable company serving customers throughout the United States. Within the next 12 months, Davenport & Associates, Inc. plans to expand business internationally. With the demands of new clients, quality training courses and training of staff is very crucial to this organization.
This report was created to provide information as to why our training department is essential to our company Davenport & Associates while having to cut company cost. We first have to ask ourselves if there are required skills being put to use within the company. The reason for the need to train each employee is due to the advancement in technology, and also improving performance. These two essential attributes would be a major benefit for the employee, as well as the company. While gathering information, it is important to ensure that each employee is able to achieve their work objectives, know what his/her job title entails, encourage each employee to know their work potential professionally, and most importantly encourage lifelong learning for every employee.
The limitations involved, once the staff is fully trained, or have acquired full knowledge of the information involved, they may seek a better paying job. The quality of...

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