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An Essay About Nuclear Power Use

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BEST BRAND POWER Energy has become a very important matter of the world after industrial revolution. Major machine-based changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining and transportation created a huge need of power and thus, world's demand to energy started to increase in an incredibly high speed. Till 21st century, fossil fuels like coal and oil have been used to satisfy that hunger. Today, these substances are still considered as the world's main energy sources. However, fossil fuels are limited and they release a lot of gasses like carbon-dioxide, carbon-monoxide and sulphure which cause green-houses effect: the major reason of global warming. Because of this situation, world is looking for a new source of energy which is clean and efficient, and there are not too many choices. At this point, nuclear power comes up with its all perfect features: Clean and safe. Thus, nuclear power becomes clearly the best option to solve world's worries about global warming. A proportion of environmentalists and authorities does not support the usage of nuclear energy. They strictly argue about its safety and claim that it is really harmful for nature. On the contrary, this assertion is totally untrue. Since, nuclear power is already claimed to be a clean source of energy. To produce energy, atoms are broken down inside controlled reactions and the release fom this process is only massive amount of pure energy. There is no carbon type gas or sulphure emission to the environment after these reactions. Unlike fossil fuels, it does not cause air pollution and it is nature friendly. Moreover, the use of nuclear energy aid to keep air clean because there is no deleterious output after nuclear reactions. Also, it prevents the deposition of ozone on the ground level. Nuclear power and its usage is also criticized because of the...

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