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An Event Which Change My Life

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An Event Which Change My Life

Life indeed is a stage…… Do you knew someone’s life could be changed in bits outside the way and lifestyle that exist in one’s family?, My only imagination was whatever lifestyle that exist in my family everyone must follow suit, but I guess my notion was wrong after attending a church conference and thereafter receiving a special gift from one of the speaker. This gift, as an artifact, changed my life, and made me fully understand that one’s lifestyle can be changed towards that which tickles ones fancy and makes one stand out a unique person among family, friends and the World at large.
Born of goodly parents, I learned the way of life, the purpose of my existence and what I need to do to find increased happiness in this mortal existence. In my youthful age, in the year 1990, the 14th day of April, I attended a church conference where I listened to the speakers; one of the speakers, Mr. John Walker, spoke on the topic “Christ- Centered Life” and the other, Mr. Smith, spoke on “Marriage and Family-Ordained of God”, that which caught my fancy.
Christ-Centered Life: Mr. Walker who gave the talk on Christ-Centered Life quoted the words of President Benson, Having dedicated his life to serving the Lord, President Benson spoke with power and conviction when he shared the following testimony: “I testify to you that there is no greater, more thrilling, and more soul ennobling challenge than to try to learn of Christ and walk in His steps. Our model, Jesus Christ, walked this earth as ‘the Exemplar’. He is our Advocate with the father. He worked out the great atoning sacrifice so we could have a fullness of joy and be exalted in accordance with His grace and our repentance and righteousness. He did all things perfectly and commands that we be perfect even as He and His father are perfect.” (Benson, 297)
Mr. Walker’s talk exhorted me to...

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