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An Examination of Antwone Fisher

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An Examination and Reactions to the Movie Antwone Fisher

MCPY 600

August 16th, 2007

The movie, Antwone Fisher is a wonderful and thought provoking film full of symbolism, pain, and hope. Antwone Fisher takes the audience through a journey of various subsystems of communities: prison, orphanage, foster care, homeless shelter, and the Navy. However a community encompasses more than a system. Community is ever changing, evolving, and interacting with the needs of the people developing into their own. Communities are influenced by environment, political climate, and economy. We watch Antwone Fisher dream of his perfect family, and the need he has to make a connection with his past. However, the journey he goes through with the help of his Psychiatrist, Dr. Davenport and his girl friend Cheryl, is trying, sometimes turbulent, and full of pit-falls. Antwone reaches his own epiphany when he learns who he is, meets his family, and is able to trust others while overcoming his fear of rejection and abandonment. As I watched the events unfold through Antwone’s eyes, I asked myself what specific influences kept him from turning to violence and crime on the streets. I find those answers by carefully examining the progression of events, Antwone’s choices, positive influences, as well as looking at the meaning and symbolism behind the scenes. The first scene of Antwone Fisher sets the tone for the character development throughout the movie. Antwone stands in the middle of a vast field of hay and looks upon a white barn. The doors open and standing before him is a welcoming male figure extending his hand towards Antwone. No words are exchanged, but Antwone knows that now harm will come to him today. He walks through and another hand extends towards him: that of a woman. She has a warm smile and shows him to a…...

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