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An Improper Proposal

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10 July 2014
An Improper Proposal “A Modest Proposal”, written by Johnathon Swift, is perhaps one of the greatest literary works in English history. It is an intelligently written satire that is set in 1729. In it Swift presents the idea of devouring one year old infants in an attempt to feed the hungry and ever growing population. The satire is set in Ireland and was aimed at Catholics, who were known for having a lot of kids and being too poor to care for them. Throughout his persuasive/argumentative satire he utilizes logic and reason, emotion, and character to argue why his proposal is a good solution to the excess population and to persuade others to follow his idea. One of the types of arguments Swift employs throughout his essay is logos. Logos are arguments that are based on fact and reason. In the beginning of his literary work Swift begins discussing how many children are born every year to poverty stricken parents. He uses specific numbers such as “. . . . One-hundred and twenty thousand children of the poor are born annually” to bring to light how much the population and hunger problems will continue to grow. Swift is using logos (logic and reason) when he uses statistics of children born to parents who cannot afford to care for them. He also uses logos to dehumanize the infants by comparing them to food already eaten. When Swift compares the children to roasting pigs he is using an analogy. Another logical analogy Swift uses is comparing the breeders to livestock. Due to the fact that a husband’s breeder will be pregnant, he will become “as fond of her as they are now of mares in foal” (a young horse or related animal). This is a logical argument because if men did beat their wives during pregnancy they would be negatively affecting their revenue stream. Swift also uses cultural norms and values to justify eating infants by...

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