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An Instance of Racism I Have Experienced

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An instance of racism/discrimination I have experienced

Melissa Moore


Mona Engvig

April 25, 2016

An instance of racism/discrimination I have experienced
At some point or another we all have experienced racism or discrimination, it may have been due to our race, ethnic group, gender, religion, or sexual preference. Whatever the case it is never a good feeling, and it can make one feel as though they do not matter to society. There are many different instances of racism and discrimination, and sometimes can be very common in different social groups. However, it is still unethical and not right at all.
The first time I really experienced racism/discrimination I recently started a new job at the local hospital in a nearby town where I reside. I live in a small rural area in Southeast Missouri, I grew up here and until about two and half years ago, I was gone for fifteen years, and decided to come back because my mother was getting sick, and I was missing my family, so my fiancé and I packed up and moved to my hometown of Essex, Mo. When I initially returned home, I immediately starting applying to all the hospitals, in the surrounding towns, that would not be an hour drive for me. And didn’t have any luck, but I did not give up, I kept putting in application after application with still no luck. So I finally had to make a grown up decision, and decided to go work at the one place I knew I would not have a problem getting a job. Tyson Chicken factory. This was not the job I wanted but I knew I had responsibilities and financial needs since we were going to be getting a house, and car I had to have a job to pay for these things. So my fiancé and I went and applied, and two days later, we both had an interview. Three days after the interview we were called in to do our drug screens and sign paperwork. Well...

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