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An Interview Within Court Systems

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An interview within court systems

William Miller

An interview within court systems

The interview will discuss, with one of the United States Supreme Court judges named Tom C. Clark. The case that it will be about is the Miranda V. Arizona case, which took place in February through March within 1966 the ruling, came out in June of 1966. In the ruling of the case of the case a five to four vote, which the decision went to Miranda v. Arizona in the case (Hendrie, Edward M, 1997).
Q. the origins of where this case located
Justice Tom C. Clark. The case of Miranda V. Arizona located, within the city and state of Phoenix Arizona the person name Ernesto A. Miranda. That came in this area as an Immigrant from his native country arrested and accused of sexual assault and kidnapping, which they took Miranda in for questing. They held in questing for almost two hours, which made him confessed to the criminal act to the officers. However when in questing is Amendments was violated the fifth and sixth that is the person has a right to keep their selves from incriminating his or herself also they have a right to legal representation. Once they had the confession, they go to court in which the confession used by the prosecutor as evidence with other items. Because of this, the ruling did not go in his favor, and he was to 20-30 years behind bars (Hendrie, Edward M, 1997). Q. Have it been any cases are like this which considered in the Supreme Court?
Justice Tom C. Clark. There have been other cases like this California v. Stewart, Westover v. the United States, Virgira v. New York. With the cases, they were on the bases, of the defendants not legally told about their legal options like the fifth and sixth amendment rights (Find Law, 2015).
Q. What was the way that the United States Supreme Court handed the cases of Miranda V. Arizona?...

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