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An Overview of Foreign Exchange Management System of Jamuna Bank Limited

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1.1 Introduction
Banking Industry is one of the most promising industries of our country. Bank is a financial institution of any country. The importance of the sector revealed through its contribution in the economic growth of the country. Bank has kept in vital role in economy day by day. Bangladesh‘s economy is surviving to free from the most underdeveloped economics. Banking industry is extending in various activities domestically and globally of the world. Our daily work is easily and fast aspect of transaction. The economic development of our country mainly depend upon the efficiency of the banking results is so far as, whether the bankers have been able to read the economic situation properly and are successful in selecting the promising industrial sectors seeking import and export assistance to grow. Bank can be defined as” a financial intermediate a dealer in loans and debts”. It is support of customers and clients all kinds of transaction through the technology. Bangladesh bank keeps monitoring banks performances. Jamuna Bank Ltd is a commercial private bank of the banking sector in our country it provides excellence services to the customers in short time. They always try to provide better services from other banks. So I have chosen Jamuna Bank because it is very first emergence and inception of modern civilization, Bank plays a pivotal role in case of overall financial & socio-economic development of any modern country. Nearly all sector contributed to the GDP growth, particularly significant were the growth of the export-oriented sectors, inflow of remittances and some service sectors like transport and communication. In that case foreign exchange operation of Jamuna Bank Limited plays an important role in the economic development of Bangladesh.
1.2 Background of the Study
In the later 19th century, Finance was a part of the Economics. But due to...

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