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Analyse Wilde’s Presentation of Friendship and Love Affairs in the Picture of Dorian Gray, Showing Which Relationships and Love Affairs Had the Greatest Impact on Your Understanding of the Novel.

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How are the thoughts and feelings presented in the extract from Origin of the Species? Compare to War of the Worlds.

The extract from Darwin’s Origin of Species – ‘Recapitulation and Conclusion’ – presents Darwin’s final ideas of Natural Selection and to convince and challenge the scientific community, as well as the general population due to the religious controversy. Similarly to Darwin’s extract, the novel ‘The War of the Worlds’ by H. G. Wells also challenges traditional thinking and presents ideas of Natural Selection. However, indicates a sense of fear and shock at the rate of changing opinions which are presented through language, structure and form.
Both the extract and the novel present ideas of change in the fields of science and religion. Darwin presents the idea that science is much more powerful than originally thought. Although, does not dismiss religion, therefore creating a balanced argument, which makes his theologies more accepted by the readers. ‘…not as special creations, but lineal the descendants…’

This quote is representative of Darwin’s controversial ideas as he is disagreeing with past assumptions by suggesting a limit to God’s power – ‘not as special creations...’, highlighting that man or God has no control over the power of nature, ‘ Man does not actually produce variability’. This is further emphasised through the highly technical language and multiple rhetorical questions that are challenging. These views would be largely disliked by his readership as the Victorians lived in a highly religious time, but, Darwin addresses the fact that he will expect opposition straightaway and…...

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