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Analysing Oliberte Limited’s Sustainable Marketing

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I. Introduction 3
II. Triple bottom line analysis 3
1. Profit 3
2. Planet 3
2.1 Environmental stewardship 3
2.2 Financial contribution to the planet safeguard. 3
3. People 4
3.1 Employee benefits 4
3.2 Empowering African women (gender balancing) 4
3.3 A new perspective on aids 4
III. Stakeholders analysis 5
1. Company analysis 5
1.1 Strengths 5
1.2 Weaknesses 5
1.3 Oliberte’s key internal stakeholders 5
2. Community analysis 6
2.1 The government of Ethiopia 6
2.2 Certifying bodies 6
3.1 Main customers 7
3.2 Mint footwear san Diego 7
4. Competitor analysis 7
4.1 Some competitors 7
4.2 TOMS 7
IV. Conclusion 7
V. References notes and Bibliography 8


I. Introduction

Oliberte Limited is a Canada based B-corporation specialized in leather shoes manufacturing. The particularity of this company is that its shoes are entirely crafted in Africa with hormones free livestock material.
The following essay is an analysis of Oliberte’s 3BL and stakeholders.

II. Triple bottom line analysis

1. Profit
Oliberte started its business in 2009 with a sales figure as high as 200 pairs of shoes. The sales increased up to 10,000 pairs in 2011 and 15,000 in 2012 with the launching of its own new factory in Addis Ababa.
Though the company claims on its official website to have exceeded its sales projection, Mr Dehtiar the founder and president of Oliberte was expecting the 2012 sales to be between 20,000 and 25,000 (Tate Watkins, 2012).

2. Planet
2.1 Environmental stewardship

Oliberte sources its leather from free range hormones free cows, sheep and goats. It uses natural rubber to make its rubber soles. . This approach does not encourage hunting and indiscriminate killing of endangered species The Company also ensures it contracted tanneries do not use chrome-3 to treat

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