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Analysing the Sandpiper and Journey

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What is family? Family is when people look out for each other, and at the end of the day, despite some disagreements, they still care about and love one another and they make sure no one is left behind or forgotten. In “Journey” and “the Sandpiper”, the authors explore themes such as change, love and sacrifice and darkness and light.

Sometimes relationships change and you’ve just got to go with the flow, and see where it takes you. The short story “Journey” is about a girl who suddenly realizes that she is alone in the world, scared out of her wits and having to take care of her ill mother at the same time. While she is trying to deal with the sudden turn of the mother daughter relationship she cherished, she tries to keep calm and be responsible, however she could not withstand the weight on her shoulders, and so “she shuddered in the cold air, shuddered at the shock of cold water, and, shuddering as she washed, the girl cried”.

When someone shudders in cold air, a lonely, helpless and dark scene comes to mind, the author emphasized her point by using parallel and repetitive sentences, which makes the reader sympathize with the girl, as she is standing helplessly to the side, watching her world come crashing down, not knowing what will become of her in the future.

On the other hand “The Sandpiper”, because the daughter is too young, she couldn’t care less about her mother’s well being and happiness. The mother’s desire to escape the lonely confinements of their family’s house by the beach is thwarted by the love for her daughter, showing that a mother is willing to do anything possible for her children, even if her children are her “treasure”, and her “trap”. This is because, yes, she treasures her daughter Lucy, however, it is because of her that she does not abandon her lugubrious life. As the reader, I feel like the mother is...

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