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Analysis of an Ethical Dilema

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Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma in Society
Geana Terry
Grand Canyon University
NRS 437V
May 8, 2011

Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma in Society
Nurses and society are faced with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Ethical dilemmas are difficult situations that have conflicting moral claims and can cause great distress to those who face the problem. In dealing with ethical dilemmas we use a systematic process which aids us in determining a reasonable solution to the dilemma. It is important to use not only an emotional perspective but an objective and cognitive perspective as well. Combining our values and morals in our decision making will have a huge impact in the end result of our decision. A recent event that has happened in our society involves a parent who has given his toddler liquid cannabis without doctor knowledge. This situation was aired on ABC News on May 5, 2011. The article is titled “Montana Dad Gives Cancer-Stricken Boy Marijuana Behind Doctor’s Back” (James, 2011). A two year old child named Cash was diagnosed with a stage four brain tumor. He lived in Montana and was taken to Salt Lake City, Utah for extensive chemo therapy treatment. He suffered septic shock, a stroke, and a pulmonary hemorrhage. The child was extremely sick and went 40 days without eating. Due to the nature of his illness his body was shutting down and the family was frightened. Doctors were doing everything possible for this child. The father who had extensive knowledge on the use of medical marijuana (had used it himself for Attention Deficit Disorder) decided to give it to his son through his feeding tube without the doctors knowledge. The marijuana was legal in Montana but not in Utah (“15 legal,” 2011). Each day the father gave his son 3mm of the marijuana liquid twice daily. He feared

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