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Analysis of Chameleon

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It is always difficult for two cultures to meet and have a mutual understanding. Things like religion, traditions, food etc. are all values which have to co-operate in order to make two cultures work together. In ‘Chameleon’ there is a clash between Indian culture and English culture. The clash happens between an Indian girl, named Rita, and her family. Rita is very well integrated in the English culture. She is so well integrated that, until she is twenty-four, she sees herself as white even though she is Indian. “I was white in every way, apart from my skin colour – I listened to white music, wore white clothes and ate white food; and I was white enough to marry Mark.” She believes she is white, because she lives and acts as a white person would do. When Mark tells her that his mother doesn’t approve her as a girlfriend, she is shocked and confused. Mark tells her that it is because she is not a Catholic, when she asks him that she maybe could convert, the real problem hit her. “It doesn’t matter that I’m not a Catholic, does it?” She realizes that she is not anymore white as her skin colour allows her to be. She is bewildered about Mark’s parents’ decision. “Your parents are liberal, middle-class people – they’re not supposed to be racist.” She can’t believe that his parents could make such a decision. The group which Rita has tried so hard to be a part of has rejected her. Rita despises her family’s traditions and doesn’t accept the fate which her parents want her to have. All her quarrels with her parents, shows us her resistance against them. “I can look after myself.” She clearly informs her parents that she doesn’t need a man to look after her. Rita wants to break free from the traditions about pre-arranged marriage and the idea of women only being suitable to settle down and have children. Despite fact of the resistance she consents to...

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