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Analysis of Consumer Durables Indusry in India

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The report studies the consumer durables industry in India. The report is divided into two parts 1. The industry analysis 2. The corporate analysis
INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: The report covers the following details on the consumer durables industry. * Market Value * Market Segmentation * Macroeconomic indicators * Competitive forces * Market forecast * Competition * Key drivers * Challenges
CORPORATE ANALYSIS The company that has been analysed is Samsung Electronics. Samsung electronics is the flagship subsidiary of the Samsung group. The reason we chose Samsung is that it is also conglomerate similar to AVG group with diversified interests in manufacturing, shipping, petrochemicals and financial services. The company has been able to venture successfully in alien businesses and soon become a major player in the industry. Since its entry in India in 2002, there has been no looking back for the company. It has grown from strength to strength. It is now one of the largest companies in consumer electronics and is also among the most profitable ones. It is now the leader in the TV market and is among the top three in most of the consumer durables segment. It has eight subsidiaries under the electronics division and each responsible for one product
Eg Samsung Mobile display: This SBU is responsible for the manufacture of LCD’s, TFT’s and the support products for all Samsung products.
Samsung SDS : This SBU is responsible for consulting, BPO and Information Communication Technology outsourcing and solutions.
Samsung Corning Precision Materials: This SBU looks...

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