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Analysis of Dance Styles

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Analysis of Dance Styles

Analysis of Dance Styles
For centuries peoples have been dancing as an art form that allows them to physically express themselves without using words. These are times when simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words (Humphrey, 1937). A great deal can be understood when a person watches a person dances. The message that is related is strong and clear. When you understand the types of dance the message is clear. I will attempt to examine the different forms of dance. We will look at the forms of dance like Ballet, Modern World/Ritual, Folk, and jazz. Never the less it helps construct a better understanding of the different forms.
During the 15th century in Italy ballet was known as court dancing. The word “Ballet” comes from the Italian form of Ballare which means dance. The first dance was in France in 1581. The French created the first ballet called “La Ballet Domique de La Reine” This caught on fast which prompted Louise Xiv to start the Royal Academy of Dance in 1661. Ballet caught on quick and spread from country to country when the story line and rhythm is expressed it uses eight basic positions to do this. Swiveling on their toes and balancing is critical to perform these dances. Over the ages these have been two great Ballets that are performed across the country and they are in high demand. They are the “Nutcracker and Swan Lake”.
Modern Dance The 20th century is known as the Modern dance aria. However ballet and modern dance are very different. Modern dance is more of free style and individualistic. The major difference is that ballet dance is a very formal and movement restricting dance. Modern dance takes a style of its own and allows gracefully taking control with each turn and twist. Whereas ballet dances is graceful and defies...

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