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Analysis of Family Guy

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Analysis of Family Guy Sexism
Nash, Josh

Analysis of Family Guy Sexism
This paper discusses the display of sexism of Family Guy and how it is portraying a sexist view, even if it is considered comical socially. Family Guy has become a popular cartoon even with the humor in the show not being so humorous to many. “Family Guy”, as many other shows have done in the past, obtained the role in portraying sexism through TV. Many would agree that the cartoon is derogatory and promotes many issues such as racism, sexism, and inequalities including other factors as well. People also agree that the comedy that the show presents is acceptable because it is shown in a way that is for laughter only. There have been a number of episodes that the show has done like “Chick Cancer,” and probably one of the most controversial, “I am Peter, hear me roar”. The behavior shown is that of “slap stick” comedy but could be attained in other ways than of what is shown on television. In “I am Peter, hear me roar,” the episode is sexist towards women and does not show much of an issue towards the problem. Each scene has a number of jokes to make sexism seem acceptable by the jokes being told by a character that does not have the intelligible mindset of a small child. It begins with Peter telling jokes to some of his male co-workers and the jokes that Peter shares are explicitly sexist against women. He begins with saying, “How many women does it take to screw in a light bulb? Two, one woman to screw in the light bulb and one to take her clothes off!” As Peter continues to make his other entire co-workers laugh and join in a female co-worker comes by and asks to hear a joke because she heard everyone else laughing, but she has no idea about what kind of jokes he is telling. With Peter being quite unintelligent, he agrees to…...

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