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Analysis of Green Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry

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Environmental issues such as global warming, and toxic substance usage have increasingly became one of the major debates in the global political, social and business world. In order to ensure an effective and a collaborative approach is taken to challenge these environments issues. In recent times, a consensus has emerged that environmental issues induced by industrial development should be addressed throughout the supply chain. This had led to the emergence of the concept suggested to as Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM). This research provided a concise background and challenges of green supply chain through applying qualitative analysis on potential implementation in existing literature. This research was use secondary data to analyze a single case study, which is a case study of Walmart GSCM. Data was collected through a quality source by process of evaluating the information sources. The research analysis have shown seven strategies that used at Walmart: Identifying goals, metrics, and new technologies, Providing network partner assistance to suppliers, Certifying environmentally sustainable products, Incentive for green products, Consolidating direct suppliers, Developing a sustainable standard, and Zero waste. In a conclusion, it was possible to understand that GSCM is one of the emerging approaches for retail industry. This approach had help the company differentiates from its competition and made its supply chain more efficient. This paper was useful in providing suggestions to the retail industry and other industries to either modify the GSCM strategy adopted within organization in order to achieve the required target, or identify the most suitable GSCM strategy to be implemented.

Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Retail industry, Green Supply Chain Chapter 1: Introduction The world is warming. The average temperature has risen by...

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