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Analysis of: Son of Satan

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Who tells the story?
The story is told by our main character. He seems reliable, we’re in his mind and know what he’s thinking, hearing and feeling. He’s 11 years old and smokes, so he does though seem to be “on the wrong road”.

Point of view:
Is it a limited point of view?
Yes, we only see the things our main character sees.
In the final scene what do we get to know through the father’s voice?
We get to know that the father hates his son, and that it’s not the first time he have beaten him. We found out that the main character also hates the dad, and when he grows older he wants to kill him. The dad then tells him he’s the son of satan.

Time aspect:
When does he tell the story?
The story is wrote in past tense, some kind of flashback, where our main character is telling a story from when he was young. It’s told in first person narrator.
How old was he when the events took place?
He was eleven years old.
How does the time gap affect our reading of the story?
It gives a feel, that the story has been something worth remembering and passing on.

Examine the characters and how they are presented:
Main character: He is the youngest of the group, age 11. He’s the leader, and also feels like he has to show the other boys that he’s a strong leader.
Hass: Hass is a part of the group, and is a little more sensitive than the others, or so it seems. He doubts if what they’re doing is right at some time, but our main character gets him convinced that he is ‘guilty’.
Morgan: Morgan is a part of the three boys’ friendship. He’s quiet aggressive, and often says some disturbing things. Such as “Your mother has dishes up her pussy.”
Simpson: Simpson is the victim of the three boys. He’s just an innocent boy, that have said a lie about having sexual affairs with a girl, in a try to be a part of the boys’ group.
Father: The father is only...

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