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Analysis Of The Article The Four Attitudes Of Happiness

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There are many ways to the keys of happiness. People might choose a long difficult road to pursue their happiness, or some people might choose an unethical easy short way to pursue their dreams. Either way, people chose to do what they want for themselves or what they deserve. The movie The Pursuit of Happyness had deliberate how people seek for their happiness wether it is decent or not. In the article: “Never Fear Never Quit,” written by Joe Tye; article “The Four Attitudes of Happiness,” written by Raj Raghunathan; article “The Rules For Success,” written by Farouk Radwan; article “The Money-Happiness Connection,” written by Susie Poppickthe; article “Does Success Lead to Happiness,” written by Christy Matta, the authors state that the keys to happiness is perseverance, attitude, passion, money and success. …show more content…
The film illustrated that money is one of the foundation of human’s life because people need money in order to start doing almost everything in their lives. In the article “The Money-Happiness Connection,” written by Susie Poppick, the author states that income can effect the happiness. Money is one of the most important factors in people’s lives. The researchers had found that a child that raised in a wealthier family is more likely to be happy and satisfy about his or her life because a wealthy family can provides more in terms of education and living expenses. When Chris Gardner lost all of his money in the bank account to the Government, Chris and his son were struggling because they did not have any place to stay, and they barely can afford any food. Luckily, he was able to sell his scanners and make some profits to support him and his son. He and his son had to stay at a different homeless shelter everyday, and sometimes they even had to stay in a bathroom of a train station because they did not have money to pay for rent. Their lives were miserable at that time because they did not have any

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