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Analysis of the Recent Economic Downturn

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Page 1 Analysis of the Recent Economic Downturn

In 2007, strong growth in the third quarter lead most to believe that a recession had been avoided, however, this proved not to be the case. A decline in GDP growth is the cause of recessions. Typically, there will be a “goldilocks” economy or an irrational exuberance prior to a recession, followed by a market crash. Prior to the 2007 – 2009 recession, the housing market was going up. Everyone “knew” house values could only go up and behaved accordingly; banks lent too much money to consumers bought too much house. Once the market crashed, the stage was set for a recession. Many factors affecting the aggregate demand curve had declines. As mentioned, home equity declined, as well as the stock market. This decrease in wealth decreased consumption and consumer confidence leading to lower spending. As consumers cut back on spending, business confidence also fell with additional decreases in consumption and also investments. Additionally, foreign GDPs were also declining leading to a decrease in exports. The changes in these variables all caused a shift back in the aggregate demand curve, lowering the GDP. Attempting to counteract the recession, the Federal Reserve pumped money into the economy, increasing the nominal money supply. As the value of the dollar decreased, interest rates were kept low, allowing the exchange rate to remain favorable for exports. Additionally the government increased spending by way of stimulus packages for banks, automakers and tax rebates and incentives. These changes in variables caused the aggregate demand cure to shift out. However, the effect of the exchange rate, government spending and increases in the nominal money supply were small compared to the loss of wealth and confidence of both consumers and businesses. There were also changes in the aggregate supply curve; increased...

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