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Analysis of the Text "Doctor in the House"

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The extract, that am going to speak about is written by Richard Gordon. He was born in 1921. He has been an anaesthetist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, a ship’s surgeon and started writing his «Doctor» series.
The extract under consideration tells story about young man who takes his final medical examination. The author describes us all horror that students fell before examination. Then the author tells us about writing part of examination and some particular features of it and explains why the main character not so afraid about it. The next part describes us oral exam so called «viva» and why it is judgement day for students. The final part depicts us all the worries of the main character and his emotions after passing all the exams.
The main problem of the text can be formulated in the following way: the human factor in exams. The basic theme can be defined as modern hierarchy and relationship between people in educational institutions.
The predominate mood of the extract is satirical.
The extract can be divided in to 6 logical parts.///////////////
The suggested extract represents a 1 person narration intermingled with dialogs.
The first part tells us about students’ attitude to examination and how do they fell before it. From the first person narration, which makes the text more emotional we learn that the final examination for medical students to be displeasing event to be faced sooner or later.The first part tells us about students’ attitude to examination and how do they fell before it. The author conveys irony with the help of similes. Such as «the final examinations are something like death» We also can find that, the author depicts importance of the moment by comparison of the representative of examination committee with solo violinist and students with impressionable music enthusiasts.
The second part of the extract describes the written part of the final examination. The author uses lots of similes to show the seriousness of the situation on the one hand and sarcasm on the other hand. The author compares the porters with the policemen at the Old Baley. To believe that the situation is nervous and student have limited time he tells about time accurately.
The third part of the extract tells us about oral examination and students’ attitude to it. To show us that the exam is very hard for students and fear of them the author also uses comparisons such as «viva is a judgement day» And he also compares dissatisfaction of the teacher after false answer with god’s threatens. To add humor the author also compares student that lost his nerves and can not say a word with cow in a bog.
The forth part tells us about students taking examination. To make the narration more close to life the author describes every psychological type of the students. The author also tells us about young women and difficulties that they may have during taking viva. It makes us believe that the author is a student, young man.
The fifth part tells us about oral examination of the main character. To make the story more realistic the author describes all worries of him and then shows examiners reading morning’s times. This part consists dialog between main character and examiner. To show relief the author uses impersonation «my heat leaped hopefully»
The final part tells us about days after examinations and waiting of publishing the results. To show the importance of the moment the author again use references to bible. Such as «opiate oblivion» The author uses simile to show silence before publishing result «unexploded bomb» The main character also hear rattling windows and single cough.
To sum it up I can say that the story consists a lot of stylistic devices to make it humorous. I think that references to bible used here also for it. In general I liked the extract.

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