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This text is an article taken from the Chicago Suntime paper entitled ¨Chicago School declare war on dress codes ¨ written by Rosland Rossi and published on September the 1st 2007. This passage deals with problems of dressing and clothes in American school.

This passage falls into three main parts.

II-Development: * The first part goes from the beginning down to l.23. It can be subtitled ¨The introduction of dress codes¨
-In this part, the journalist refers to the reaction of school teens towards the introduction of uniforms in their schools (l.1 &2)
-Some boys and girls condemn this as a new restriction of their freedom of expression.
-The journalist refers to the national challenge to which American schools have to deal with.
-He explains that two schools imposed dress codes or uniforms putting an end to casual outfits.
- Dress codes are rules which say what the students are allowed to wear and what they are forbidden to wear. For example: In Manheim district, people can’t wear jeans, T-shirt, hoodies, flip-flops, etc., as seen in lines (9 to 13). Instead they must wear uniforms.
-One of the principles of uniforms is to fight sex and gang influence, as seen in lines (4 & 5)

* As far as second part is concerned, it goes from l.24 down to l.34. It can be subtitled ¨The objectives of dress codes¨ -This part introduces us to the new school uniforms and the opinion of some principals. -Uniforms put an end to provocative clothes which most of the time and expose the students bodies (l.24 to 28). -The principals hope that students will be more focused and less distracted (l.29 &30) and maybe have better results. -They also hope that dress codes will reduce violence in schools, for example gang violence. If students are forbidden to wear gang colors and symbols, members of gang can’t be identified and can’t fight. -We also find some parents astonishment about influences pupils may have on each other as far as clothing is concerned (l.33 &34).

* As for the third part, which goes from l.35 down to the end, can be subtitled ¨Different opinions¨
-In fact, the decisions made by the principals caused different reactions. Some students clearly don’t like dress codes or uniforms; they think it goes against their freedom of expression and they just find them ugly (l.39). Some say they are more equal (l.37) and some say they have more time in the morning.
-In this text parents are in favour of the new dress codes (l.40). They say that their children look nice and that maybe it will stop arguments between parents and children about clothes.

III-The journalist’s opinion:

In this article, the journalist shows the different reactions about dress codes and uniforms. He seems to like the idea. It’s a way that parents can use to protect young teenagers from sex and gang violence which are present in today’s society.

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