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Part 1 – Analysis of Work Environment A. Identify a potential or current work environment
My professional role is the director of a faith base substance abuse residential recovery organization in Kansas City, Missouri for homeless women, committed to overcoming their addiction and becoming responsible, productive drug and alcohol free members of the community. Author’s Tsai, Rosenheck, Kasprow & Mcquire (2012) study differentiated between programs that were once religious but are now secular from programs that have always been secular and programs that currently have a religious orientation. As a director for a non-profit organization and private business owner, this organization is to be considered a “service provider” facility, working directly to house, heal, feed, clothe, and educate females experiencing homelessness. Supervise a staff of 10, including an assistant director. B. Describe the population
The organization would provide services to 30 single females in a Bible-based residential recovery program. Funded by Federal, State, City and private funders. The funding will be used for staff salary, food, utilities, up keep of the building, etc. Females would range from 25-45 years of age. C. Identify the appropriate code of professional ethics
Ethical Standards of Human Service Professionals (2015), Retrieved from 1. Inform consent – Standard 2
Human service professionals obtain informed consent to provide services to clients at the beginning of the helping relationship. Clients should be informed that they may withdraw consent at any time except where denied by court order and should be able to ask questions before agreeing to the services. 2. Customer rights and confidentiality -...

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