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Analysis of Courrier Indeustry

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Business Strategy

United Parcel Service (UPS)
United Parcel Service, Inc. was founded in 1907 as a private messenger and delivery service in Seattle, Washington. Today, UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company, a leader in the U.S. less-than-truckload industry and the premier provider of global supply chain management solutions. It deliver packages each business day for 1.6 million shipping customers to 8.2 million receivers ("consignees") in over 220 countries and territories. In 2014, it delivered an average of 18.0 million pieces per day worldwide, or a total of 4.6 billion packages. Total revenue in 2014 was $58.2 billion.
It are a global leader in logistics, and it create value for its customers through solutions that lower costs, improve service and provide highly customizable supply chain control and visibility. Customers are attracted to its broad set of services that are delivered as promised through its integrated ground, air and ocean global network.
Its services and integrated network allow shippers to simplify their supply chains by using fewer carriers, and to adapt their transportation requirements and expenditures as their businesses evolve. Across its service portfolio, it also provide control and visibility of customers’ inventories and supply chains via its UPS technology platform. The information flow from
UPS technology drives improvements for its customers, as well as for UPS, in reliability, flexibility, productivity and efficiency.
Particularly over the last decade, UPS has significantly expanded the scope of its capabilities to include more than package delivery. Its logistics and distribution capabilities give companies the power to easily expand their businesses to new markets around the world. By leveraging its international infrastructure, UPS enables its customers to bridge time...

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