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Analysis of Group Behavior in Organizations- Nursing Homes

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The goal of nursing home is to provide the best care for the people as well as nourishing the spirit of the residents and staffs in a similar manner. It is also true that nursing homes are places that undergo regular changes where residents and workers come and go, equipment are modernized frequently; staffs adopt new ways of delivering better care, and new regulations are introduced. Nursing home organization are home-based health care and social services, by formal and informal caregivers using appropriate technology within a balanced and affordable continuum of care (Mitchell, 1989). Thus, to improve the performance of nursing home organization means adapting to changes and learning the new ways of service delivery as a team and as an organization. In response to interest of nursing home in a research focusing on the group behavior of their organization, it is appropriate to develop a survey on patient safety. Patient safety becomes a critical component of home-based health care quality. As nursing home organizations continue to work towards improvement of their services, there is a need to recognize the importance of establishing a safety culture. Achieving the safety culture requires an understanding of the values and what is important to the organization, as well as appropriate attitude and behavior related to patient safety. A safety culture is a product of group values and patterns of behavior determining their commitment to an organization’s management of health and safety. Analysis of group behavior is widely concerned with the behavior of people at the workplace. Group behavior variations frequently changes in the frequency or form of what individual do or what they say, are understood in terms of their real-world events are related. Understanding, describing, and or predicting behavior does not require an appeal to concepts of...

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