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Vision, Culture and values
Financial highlights
Profile of the Directors
Chairman’s review
Corporate Governance
Audit Committee Report
Remuneration Committee Report
Risk Management
Report of the Board of Directors
Statement of Directors’ Responsibility
Independent Auditors’ Report
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Statement of Changes in Equity
Cash Flow Statement
Notes to the Financial Statement
Segmental Report
Details of Real Estate
Five Year Summary
Shareholder Information
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Proxy Enclosed
Corporate Information ( inner back cover)

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To be a leading investment trust in Sri Lanka

Culture and Values
Renuka’s culture reflects more than just structure. It is statement of values.
Our commitment to a responsive, enterprising, nurturing, unrelenting, knowledgeable and
accountable workplace enables us to build our relationships, with clients and with colleagues,
on honesty and trust. It drives our ability to deliver great products and services and to
generate superior long term financial performance for our shareholders.
The 6 letters of our Group name symbolizes the 6 core values that make up our culture.
The stylized shape of Sri Lanka is also reminiscent of pods or coconuts, with the letter “R”
embedded representing Renuka in Sri Lanka.
Our corporate motto is “World Class Possibilities” reflecting our international standards of
excellence and the opportunities that Renuka presents.


Coco Lanka PLC


Coco Lanka PLC
Dr S. R. Rajiyah

Mr S. Vasantha Kumara

Dr S.R.Rajiyah is the Chairman of the Company. He is
also the Chairman of Renuka Agri Foods PLC, Shaw
Wallace Ceylon Ltd, Director of Richlife Dairies Ltd,

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