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Analysis2 Questions Ip Networking

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Chapter 6
Answer the following review questions. 1. PC1 is using TCP and has a window size of 4000. PC1 sends four segments to PC2 with 1000 bytes of data each, with sequence numbers 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000. PC1 does not receive an acknowledgment within its current timeout value for this connection. What should PC1 do next? a. Increase its window to 5000 or more segments b. Send the next segment, with sequence number 6000 c. Resend the segment whose sequence number was 5000 d. Resend all four previously sent segments

2. Which of the following are not features of a protocol that is considered to match OSI Layer 4? e. Error recovery f. Flow control g. Segmenting of application data h. Conversion from binary to ASCII

3. Which of the following header fields identify which TCP/IP application gets data received by the computer? i. Ethernet Type j. SNAP Protocol Type k. IP Protocol Field l. TCP Port Number m. UDP Port Number n. Application ID

4. Which of the following are not typical functions of TCP? o. Windowing p. Error recovery q. Multiplexing using port numbers r. Routing s. Encryption t. Ordered data transfer

5. Which of the following functions is performed by both TCP and UDP? u. Windowing v. Error recovery w. Multiplexing using port numbers x. Routing y. Encryption z. Ordered data transfer

6. What do you call data that includes the Layer 4 protocol header, and data given to Layer 4 by the upper layers, not including any headers and trailers from Layers 1 to 3? {. Bits |. Chunk }. Segment ~. Packet . Frame . L4PDU . L3PDU 7. In the URL, which part identifies the...

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