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In the movie Tangled, it is conveyed to the viewers that stealing is acceptable, blackmailing someone to fulfill one’s dreams is normal and one can fall in love after knowing the other for only a short amount of time. The viewers learn that stealing is acceptable when Mother Gothel steals Rapunzel to keep herself looking young. This shows the viewers that stealing is acceptable because Mother Gothel gets away with keeping Rapunzel hidden for 18 years yet feels no guilt after doing so and is not punished in any way. Also the King and Queen, who she was stolen from, have no problem continuing on with their life because we see them after 18 years living without any emotional distress. This gives the impression to the viewers that they can steal and no other people will be affected and that no consequences will come out of it. An additional alternate message that is conveyed is that blackmailing someone to fulfill one’s dreams is normal when Rapunzel takes Flynn’s crown and forces him to help her see the floating lights in order for him to receive his crown again. Her actions prove blackmailing is normal because Flynn does not put up a fight to defend himself and no consequence was bestowed on Rapunzel. As a result viewers are under the impression that only good things come out of blackmailing and that nothing bad will ever result from it. Along with those two alternate messages, the audience can also take away that one can fall in love with another person after knowing them for a short while. This idea is demonstrated when Rapunzel falls in love with Flynn and they get married after knowing each other for a very short period of time. This message is conveyed because Flynn and Rapunzel have know each other a short period of time and seem to know, understand and appreciate everything about each other. In the movie it never shows the two getting to know each other...

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