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Analytic Support for Decision Making- Servqual


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PART A- Servqual Analysis- Data Standardization and Analysis 1. Introduction 2 1.1 Service quality and customer satisfaction. 2 1.2 Measuring service quality 2 2. ANALYSIS OF SERVQUAL DATA 3 2.1 Data Standardization 3 2.2 Survey 5 2.3 Expectations and Perceptions 6 2.4 Confidence interval: 7 2.5 Dimensions 8 3 TOWN WISE ANALYSIS 9 4 Comparative Analysis of Key Results 10 5. Conclusion 11

PART B: VISA: Multi Attribute value Analysis and Multi Criteria Decision Analysis 1. Scope 12 2. Tree development 13 2.1. Cost: 13 2.2 Staff- 14 2.3 Issues: 14 3. Sensitivity Analysis. 15 3.1 Stakeholder: Local Authority 15 3.2. Stakeholder: Staff 15 3.3 Stakeholder: Tenants 16 4. Process of Scoring and weighting 16 4.1 Stakeholder: Local authority – 16 4.2 Stakeholder: Staff – 17 4.3 Stakeholder: Tenant – 17 5. Recommendation: 17

1. Introduction
The Department is responsible for renting out and maintaining the housing stock (houses and apartments) of the local authority which covers a large geographic area in Scotland. The housing stock is rented out to several thousand local people on a long-term basis. The Department is committed to providing a quality service to its tenants and to help with this the Department decided earlier this year to undertake a tenant satisfaction survey. The intent behind the survey was to identify current levels of tenant satisfaction with the service provided by the Department and to identify areas of the Department’s performance where tenants felt there was room for improvement. This would then help the Department plan for performance improvement.
1.1 Service quality and customer satisfaction.
Service quality is a concept that has aroused considerable interest and debate in the research literature because of the difficulties in both defining it and measuring it with no

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