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Analyze Culture in a Coffee Firm

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Analyze a culture-specific case study in which a coffee brand (of your choice) in the
US, Europe, or Asia has been successfully built.

Coffee is big business. The world’s love for coffee has formed some of the most popular globe’s food and drink businesses .
Starbucks is one of the most famous chain of coffee shops in the world, mainly making bussiness in selling special coffee beans and other various kinds of coffee or tea beverage.
Through out several decades of development, Starbucks is now a global
Starbucks logo

brand and presents in 64 countries and territories, as of March 2015.

Among those regions, Asia is one of the biggest markets that Starbucks has built up its coffee brand sucessfully.


One of the big questions is what are the factors that makes Starbucks become an successful global coffee leader. Well, there are a lot of factors. However, in my point of view, the most important thing that makes them to be successful is they are able to adapt and localize if it’s required. According to Hofstede’s national culture theory, Starbucks perfectly suits the cultural characteristics of the host country’s customer. The following paragraphs shall analyze how Starbucks succeeds in Asia, especially aiming to specific countries in that region.
Firstly, China is one of two biggest countries having a massive polulation about 1.4 billion in Asia that has Hofstede’s cultural dimension scores such as high power distance, low individualism, high masculinity, low uncertainty avoidance and high long-term orientation. (as below model)


China has thousand years of tea drinking culture and Chinese market is one of the hardest markets to win for foreign companies. Besides drinking tea on specific occasions, some

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