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Analyze Police Culture

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Analyze Police Culture CJA 214
April 24, 2014
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Analyze Police Culture
Police officers play a unique role in American society. Police officers are the "keepers" of society's well-being as they enforce the law and maintain the peace. In this role, it is important to review all relevant information that may affect their performance including the development of a subculture. A culture is the common set of morals, knowledge, and conduct that the members of the community share. Subcultures are a set of unwritten laws that restrict and control the behavior of individuals within the group.

Police subculture directs officers on how complete their tasks, how hard to work, what kinds of relationships to have with their fellow officers and civilians. It establishes the nature of these interactions: whether they are aggressive or peaceful. The subculture determines how police officers should think and feel toward their police supervisors, officers of the court including judges and prosecutors and the laws they are required to enforce.

Police subcultures can also describe to a few negative aspects of policing. It can refer to an "us versus them" approach to policing. The police out on the street, personally interact with “criminals” are referred as “us” while everyone else including “criminals”, “civilians” and even “senior police officials” are referred to as “them.” This mentality leads to the belief that they are the good guys and everyone else is a potential bad guy. The constant struggle between good and evil may lead to the police developing the theory that “the ends justify the means.” An unlawful search, excessive use of force and untruthful testimony is justified to protect society from criminals.

A second negative aspect of police subculture is the so-called “blue wall of silence.” The “blue wall of silence" is an unwritten rule within the...

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