Analyze the Reason for the Type of Organizational Structure Employed by the Organization, and Identify the Key Positions That Support That Organizational Structure.

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Kudler Fine Foods goals are to increase loyalty of consumers and profitability. To be able to achieve these goals Kudler Fine Foods needs to expanding the services, implementing the frequent shopper program and to reduce costs through better bargaining with the suppliers and improved inventory management system. Kudler Fine Foods steps of collaboration should take place in the area of forecasting. Kudler Fine Foods should be coming up with ways to that will attract the most customers into the store. They can do this by setting up in-store cooking class special and promoting their new frequent shopper, Kudler Fine Foods also needs to forecast how they will handle the inventory levels so nothing is either overly or underlie stocked.

Kudler Fine Foods second step is to coordinate the function of merchandise selection and pricing. This is to make sure that the right so that the right merchandise is available to the customers while they are in the implementation of frequent shopper program. Also during this stage Kudler Fine Foods has good products available for their customers from their suppliers. In the third step, the function of inventory management should fine tuned with the expansion of services campaign and implementation of frequent shopper program of Kudler Fine Foods to introduce Just In Time technique. The introduction of JIT will help reduce the costs for Kudler Fine Foods. In the fourth step there should be close coordination with the accounting function. This is to make sure that all information is received in a timely manner and all campaign as showing a profit.

Moreover, accounting should provide a profitability analysis for any new deal struck with a supplier or any new inventory system introduced at Kudler Fine Foods. The fifth step should show a close relationship with the advertising team. Advertisements should not be developed for all three…...