Analyzes the Organization’s Basic Legal, Social, and Economic Environments Analyzes the Organization’s Managerial, Operational, and Financial Issues Including: Project Management Project Timelines Critical Paths and

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While Microsoft has been very successful in providing the Windows operating system to PC makers as well as the Office Suite there is growing competition from Apple in terms of both the consumer market and the corporate market. The Apple Mac OS is now becoming a viable contender in both markets. However, in terms of the quickly growing and ever expanding mobile market Microsoft has done very little to win over handset makers and create an environment in which individuals are writing apps for their platform. In this case Apple has become the predominant leader and the standard methods of competing are not producing the results needed to remain competitive in the long-term market. For this reason I would recommend that Microsoft make a significant departure and start writing apps for the Apple IOS platform. While it may seem counterintuitive to develop apps that will run on other hardware Microsoft is currently faced with the issue of taking a beating in terms of the app market. Creating apps that run on iOS will allow Apple users to see the Microsoft products that are available and hopefully create additional revenue such that they can fund and create new opportunities in their own potential app store for Windows based phones. This is basically the last significant chance Microsoft has in order to salvage the potential for the mobile OS and app market. The opportunity is a single as it hopefully prevents the downfall of their mobile market altogether. There is a risk that it won't sway consumers but that isn't an option at this point.

Even though Exxon has made a commitment to the environment after the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound in Alaska they have somewhat abandoned many of their…...

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