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Analyzing a Audience

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Analyzing an Audience
English 215

Laws that change nursing home across America are a major concern for people that have loved ones in their care. This topic is not always in the news unless there is a tragedy that happen in one of the nursing homes. The effect of Medicaid and Medicare are causing many family members major problems with adequate care that being provided by these nursing homes. Health insurance do not pay enough and many people will be upset with the new changes, because it takes more money from Medicaid and Medicare. There are growing concerns for people who have loved ones in nursing homes due to the economic impact of nursing facility, poor quality of service, and the frequent abuse of patients.
The primary audience for my topic would be the citizens who are against the government changing the laws for Medicaid and Medicare. The secondary audience would be the people who are for the change of laws governing the nursing home. The Federal Nursing Home Reform Act that was passed in 1987 which allowed the elderly the right to a bed and a meal if they qualified for Medicaid and Medicare. “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will have a negative impact on the Commonwealth of Virginia” says Robert F. McDonnell Governor of Virginia. (Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia, 2011).
My primary and secondary audience is extremely important, because the different view points that each audience share. The controversy between the government and the citizen about health care reform will remain a hot topic, because everyone need a health plan at an affordable rate. This is why congress struggled with Obama Care plan. The quality of service that is provided to the patients at the nursing homes should not be compromised by laws. If nursing homes across the United States are force to cut cost, because of some government mandate, then we as American...

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