Analyzing a Web Page

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Analyzing a Web Page

Analyzing a Web Page
The website I chose is to evaluate is Community Action Committee known as ( This website is about helping the Knox County residence get help that they need by putting the information on their website that will guide them in the right direction for assistance in healthcare, housing, and services for children and seniors. According to Widner University and Wolfram Memorial Library, there are four ways to properly analyze a website to make sure that the information that you are getting is legitimate and credible.
The first one is checking the Authority of the website. This means that the website should have it clearly posted the person or persons who are responsible for the information that is posted on the website. There should be a name of the person or group and/or some kind of contact information for that person. On the website I chose there is a specific person listed as the Executive contact of the CAC along with individual names, phone and fax numbers, and email contact for each neighborhood. I did not see a copyright date on the website but all the information concerning the webpage is listed such as address, and phone numbers.
The second thing that they talked about was accuracy. Making sure that the information is indeed factual as well as the sources being listed is also very important. Including dates that the information was added to the site is also very important. Looking to make sure that the information isn’t second hand and that it comes from a respectable resource. Accuracy is also looking at the information on the website and making sure that all the information given is backed up by reliable sources as well. Looking for spelling errors also will also give you a hint if the website is created by professionals. The website I used is very professional looking with large amounts of useful…...

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