Analyzing a Web Page

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Paper on Analyzing a Web Page

Paper on Analyzing a Web Page
In the society of human services there are diverse fields and concerns that personnel deal with on an everyday basis. It is important to find the right steps to shift back into the correct direction. Web sites are produced in order to assist human service workers locate diverse ways and programs for the consumer and patients to which they work with or for. The human services field is composed with all sorts of people with many different issues; no individual is ever turned away. Many individuals discover that getting assistance is an excellent idea but many still believe that it can be a terrible idea. Some believe that it is easier to deal with troubles and concerns by them and that is not a good way of thinking because asking for help can help an individual.
The web site that I have researched was the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services ( I decided to use this website because it deals with many different people with various issues. The government has many different state funded programs and resources which are used to assist those in need. The government is very involved and people may not know that because they do not advertise and make the information aware of like they should. The government wants to make sure that all health option is available to all Americans in need.
The purpose of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services web site is to protect the health of all Americans and to provide the essential human services to those who are able to help themselves. This web site is an official government page but it does not specify who is responsible for the information that is available on the page. The website is very accurate seeing that it is an official government website. Unlike Wikipedia, anyone cannot just post information on this website.…...