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Analyzing Business Transactions

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Analyzing Business Transactions
1. 2. Record in equation form the financial effects of a business transaction. Define, identify, and understand the relationship between asset, liability, and owner’s equity accounts. Analyze the effects of business transactions on a firm’s assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity and record these effects in accounting equation form. Prepare an income statement. Prepare a statement of owner’s equity and a balance sheet. Define the accounting terms new to this chapter. LP2


NEW TERMS accounts payable accounts receivable assets balance sheet break even business transaction capital equity expense fair market value fundamental accounting equation income statement liabilities net income net loss on account owner’s equity revenue statement of owner’s equity withdrawals


4. 5. 6.

Rollin King and Herb Kelleher had a simple notion when they got into the

airline business: If you get your passengers to their destinations when they want to get there, on time, at the lowest possible fares, and make darn sure they have a good time doing it, people will fly your airline. What began as a small Texas airline has grown to become one of the largest airlines in America. Today, Southwest Airlines flies almost 100 million passengers a year to 63 cities all across the country. In an economy where airlines struggle to stay out of bankruptcy, Southwest has flourished. Other airlines have tried to imitate its business strategy of operating high-frequency point-to-point service routes, but none have been as successful as Southwest, thanks to the company’s unique culture. Consistently voted as one of the top places to work, Southwest has established a culture that encourages employees and customers to have fun. From chili cook-offs to paper airplane contests and dance competitions, you never...

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... d. Analyze Transactions e. Journalize the Transactions f. Post to Ledger Accounts g. Prepare a Unadjusted Trial Balance h. Journalize and Post Adjusting Entries i. Prepare an Adjusted Trial Balance j. Prepare Financial Statement k. Journalize and Post Closing Entries l. Post-Closing Trial Balance m. Optional Reversing Entries IV. Conclusion While not having an accounting cycle for the business can possibility hurt the company, following the accounting process and steps will help with the accounting procedure. Many organizations will have accounting established to process all the business revenues and expenses. To have a successful business people follow the accounting actions of identify, record and communicate the daily transactions of the company. After the actions are completed then the company will go through the process of the accounting cycle. There is a ten step accounting cycle that business owners can go threw to show the revenues and expenses. Collect data, analyze the transactions, record transaction to journal, post from journal to ledger, prepare unadjusted trial balance, record adjusting entries to ledger, prepare adjusted trial balance, prepare financial statement, close temporary accounts, and lastly post-closing trial balance. Accounting in Action Accounting is a system that businesses use for all of the revenue transactions and for all of the expenses made in the business. Accounting......

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Introduction to Accounting- Dutch Lady show economic information by the user. ( Besides that accounting also can be define as the language of business because it is a system to record , analyse and summarize of financial transaction (,articleId-21001.html). Accounting is a transaction of selling and buying . After that organise these information presenting it for decision-making. Accounting is important to record all of the business transaction easy for the owner to know whether they are financially successful and to know how much they owed and how much they owned.(Frank Wood & Alan Sangster ,2008,Business Accounting 1 eleventh edition, pg4) Summary Accounting is a process where the user identify, measure and communicate the economic information to perform decision and judgement. Bookkeeping is required in accounting to record data . There are two equation used in accounting which is accounting equation (assets equal to liabilities plus equity) and profit determination equation (profit equal to revenue minus expenses). Double entry system is used inside the book keeping. T-account is a shape use when doing double entry system. It divided into left-hand side called “debit” and right-hand side called “credit” . Besides that , there are four types of business activities which are retail ,wholesale, manufacturing and......

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...STEPS IN ANALYZING TRANSACTION Read the transaction to understand what is happening and how it affects the business. Example, the business has more Revenue, or has more Expenses, or has more Cash, or Owes less to Creditors. Identify the accounts involved, and decide whether the accounts are increased or decrease. Look for Cash first; you will quickly recognize if Cash is coming in or going out. Decide on the Classifications of the accounts involved. (for Example, Equipment is something the business owes, and it's a liability; Rent is an Expense. After recording the transaction, make sure the accounting equation is in balance. THE FIVE CLASSIFICATIONS: Accounts Category Normal Balance Increase Decrease 1. ASSETS DEBIT DEBIT CREDIT 2. LIABILITIES CREDIT CREDIT DEBIT 3. OWNER'S EQUITY CAPITAL CREDIT CREDIT DEBIT WITHDRAWALS DEBIT DEBIT CREDIT 4. REVENUE CREDIT CREDIT DEBIT 5. EXPENSES DEBIT DEBIT CREDIT STEPS IN THE ACCOUNTING PROCESS 1. Record the transactions of a business in a JOURNAL book of original entry - the day - by day record of the trasactions of a firm). Entry should be based on some source document or evidence that a transaction has occurred, such as an invoice, a receipt, or a check. 2. Post entries to the accounts in the LEDGER. Transfer the amounts from the JOURNAL to the Debit or Credit column of the specified accounts in the LEDGER. Use a cross reference system. Accounts are placed in the LEDGER......

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